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Parents Section
Parenting is life's most rewarding, enriching and satisfying experience. When along with your child you get to live your childhood all once again. You want to give your child the very best so make sure that you keep your child happy and healthy by taking care that :
He/She gets enough sleep. Regular late night play havoc with his/her body clock and therefore hampers learning.
See that he/she eats right diet. Full oily snacks or tinned food may be tasty but will not provide him ample nourishment. Help him develop a taste for good food like fresh fruits, Salads, milk, dry-fruits etc.
Encourage him to be physically active. Help him choose the physical exercise he likes most-dance, martial art, aerobics etc.
Helping & Guiding Parents
We help and guide even parents by informing them timely about the admission forms of various good Senior Secondary Schools in their vicinity. An exhaustive list of schools along with their addresses, contact numbers and dates of registration is given to all parents for their convenience.
Parent Teacher Communication
A close communication with the parents is an essential pre-requisite for effective learning. PTA meetings are held on every 1st Saturday of the month between, 9:30 - 11:30am, for detailed discussion about child's progress. Parents are not allowed during school hours as it may disturb school activities.
School Diary
Weekly diary notes are given to parents to keep track of whatever is done in the school. during one good week.