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Knowledge of - Names of Veg, Fruits, Flowers etc
Pet and wild animals and birds.
Parts of body
Our helpers in the society
Music and musical instruments
Shapes - their recognition & identification sketching & colouring
Basic functioning of computers
Recitation and story telling skills
English conversation skills.
To accomplish these parts of our curriculum we keep our student to teacher ratio 1:12 so that the child gets individual care and attention. We take help of lots of teaching aids like models, hand - puppets, flash - cards.

The teachers nurture the natural curiosity of the little ones and help them learn, to improve their concentration span, gain self confidence and guide them towards self reliance.

The blossoms of Springfield are tomorrow's leaders.
Learning by Doing Routine
Forms the basic of developing skills of Children for
Auditory Discrimination
Sensory Perception
Visual Perception
Self Awareness
Our Pre-School Programme routine therefore provides hands on activities using manipulative materials like sand, clay, toys, water, dough, blocks and books.
Kinder Garten Programme
This caters to the need of a 4 - 5yrs. old child. This comprehensive programme lays the necessary foundation for continued educational success. Our teachers provide exciting curriculum based on guidelines issued by the govt. in which child is initiated into reading, simple Maths, Environmental Science, Communication skills and knowledge of computers.